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How To Write A Custom URP Shader With DOTS Instancing Support

I wanted to enhance the look of my boids BatchRendererGroup (BRG) sample with more suitable meshes instead of cubes. For that I decided to use a custom shader with some simple procedural vertex animation. For me, who hasn’t worked with URP or HDRP in production, this turned out to be quite a journey. So I am sharing the solution so you don’t have to spend your time.

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Should you use ScriptableObject to store settings in Unity?

While passing technical interviews the topic of using ScriptableObjects was raised a lot of times, but not all studios use them or even know about its advantages. In this post I would like to share reasons why I use it myself and would be happy to discuss additional pros and cons in the comments.
TL;DR: Use ScriptableObject when you need to store and customize properties of your scripts.